For a flavorful pot roast, it's better to start out tough - - Difference between top round and bottom round

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Cuts come from the back end of the cow. The. Q: What cut of meat is best for pot roast? I've seen recipes that use top round, bottom round and chuck, but I don't know the difference between.

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By Gosida - 20:19
Cuts from the round are very different from those in the Chuck, but fairly similar The main muscles in the round are the Top, Bottom and Eye of.
By JoJokree - 21:59
Bottom Round Roast: Roasts from the bottom round. A bit tough and best suited as corned beef or pot roast. This is called beef silverside in the UK, Ireland.
By Fauzragore - 16:40
Is there any way I can prepare a bottom round and get a comparative quality of a top round. I've never tried bottom, but I've heard it's a tougher.
By Goltigis - 22:32
What I commonly see in the stores are cuts labeled Top Round, Bottom Round, and Eye of Round. What prompted this post, however, was that.

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